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Why LEED®?


Rising energy costs, demand for healthier living and work spaces, and the desire to reduce greenhouse

gas emissions (GHG) are driving forces behind the market for sustainable buildings. At the core of

this market is the LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) building certification, an

internationally recognized third-party building certification system promulgated by the U.S. Green

Building Council (USGBC).


Market Demand

LEED® initiatives are found in legislation, executive orders, resolutions, ordinances, policies, and

incentives at the federal, state and local level and the system is also widely recognized as a voluntary



These initiatives are supported by compliance mechanisms and financial incentives intended

to spur the rapid integration of energy efficiencies into building design and construction. In response,

real estate investors and developers are initiating LEED® projects in greater numbers to meet the



As of April 2011, over 7,000 commercial buildings are LEED® certified and another 22,000 more are

formally registered to pursue certification. In addition, approximately 10,000 residential units are

LEED® certified. Demand for LEED® certification continues to rise as the costs of integrating energy

efficient technologies into building design and construction decreases and as developers become

more familiar with the financial and environmental benefits of certification.


LEED® Project Certification Data Report


Currently, there is no established procedure to verify LEED® certification status in a traditional real estate

transaction. Misinformation, misunderstanding and even fraudulent representations of LEED® certification

are unfortunate realities of the rapidly expanding sustainable building market.


The LEED® Project Certification Data Report provides a due diligence tool for transactions involving LEED®

certified buildings by allowing brokers, counsel, lenders, investors, sellers, tenants, appraisers and

other stakeholders to obtain data regarding a LEED® project’s certification status. Specifically, the data

report provides information regarding the data fields below:


• Whether the project has been registered for LEED®


• Whether the project has been LEED® certified

• Date of Certification

• LEED® Rating System

• LEED® Version

• LEED® Certification Level

• Certification Challenge, if any, and status


The LEED® Project Certification Data Report (Report) is not an insurance policy. The purpose of the Report is to provide informational services, not to allocate risk. The Company maintains a working relationship with the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) and the Green Building Certification Institutes (GBCI), the organizations responsible for the LEED® standards. The Company obtains data from the database used by USGBC and GBCI and delivers the data to the Ordering Party for the benefit of the Principal. The Company promises the Principal that the Report accurately reflects the information in the database. If the Company provides information that does not accurately reflect what is in the database, the Company has limited liability and has no obligation to defend the Principal or to pay any attorneys’ fees, costs, or expenses incurred by the Principal. The Company has no other liability and under no circumstances, under any dispute, will the Company’s liability to any Principal exceed $50,000. The Ordering Party must read and agree, on behalf of the Principal, to the terms and conditions of the Report in order for the Company to generate the Report.


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FNF is committed to integrating sustainability related programs through operations, marketing and product

perspectives. Our offices are encouraged to implement digital document solutions, reduce energy

consumption, and recycle. We proudly support the important movement towards energy efficient

buildings and retrofits. In response to market demand we proudly offer the LEED® Project Certification Data



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