Re-Pointing your Domain


Re-pointing Your Domain
(If you have a domain name purchased through GoDaddy, NetworkSolutions, Yahoo, ENOM, MelbourneIT, etc.)

You will need to contact the domain name provider and have them update the I.P. address currently pointing to the domain name.

Your e-Agents website I.P. address is:

Once this has been done, please contact us by email or phone ( or 408.253.8090 - We will need to complete the syncing process.

You can also re-point your domain name w/o contacting the domain registrar; below is our step-by-step re-point guide.


GoDaddy Re-point
(used for example purposes only)

You will need to login to your domain management page. In our case, we will go to to login.

1. In your browser, visit the registrars website (this is usually where the username/password fields are located):

2. Once you are signed in, look to the left of the screen to find a menu (image below). This menu will show "My Products" where you need to select "Domain Manager":

3. You will see your list of domain names available; click the domain name to make the I.P. changes:

4. The next page of your domain manager will show something along the lines of "Total DNS" (as seen below), or "DNS Settings":
Select "Total DNS Control" link

5. The DNS settings will show the current "HOST @" pointing to an I.P. address. Make sure the I.P. address shows If the address is something different; select the edit icon (in this case, a pencil icon) to make the changes manually:

6. See the image below & use it as your guide to make the correct changes to your "A Host Record":

7. Click OK when done

The domain registrar will usually put a note on the page confirming the completed changes. They usually note a 24-48 hour period for the updates to take place.

  Please do not forget to notify us at Baynet once this change has happened.


We hope you enjoyed this weeks tip!