Anti-Spam Feature

Anti-Spam Feature

If you have received any unwanted "spam" account registrations to your e-Agents site, you may want to activate your Captcha!

e-Agents offers a feature that will limit, and hopefully eliminate, these pesky sign ups. However, these random, unwanted sign ups are only happening on a few accounts. The feature is disabled by default, and will need to be manually enabled in your account.

  1. Login to
  2. Click on "My Website"
  3. Click "Site Settings"
  4. Click "Lead Capture"
  5. Add the check mark for "Enable spam prevention"
  6. Click "Save"


How to Prevent eFlyers From Getting Spammed!

Unfortunately, there is no simple "fix" to avoid spam filters. The best thing we can do is to learn how spam filters work.

No matter how over zealous or annoying these filters have become, they all share one common factor - how they scan your message and deem it "SPAM".

Here are some tips that will hopefully help your messages from getting junked before the recipient gets the chance to read it or junk it.

Your subject line is very important, but it is also the main cause of junked messages. When sending your emails, try to avoid using the following in your subject line (this also applies to your message):

  • Using too many exclamation points !!!!!!
  • Using "spam like phrases" such as "FREE!", "Click here now!", "Great Business Opportunity", etc.
  • Creating an email that's nothing but one big image, with little or no text (spam filters can't read images. so they will assume you are a spammer trying to "trick" the filter)
  • Copying and pasting a flyer made in MS Word into the eflyer program (that HTML code is very sloppy... Spam filters do not like sloppy)
  • Try to refrain from using too many symbols like asterisk (**), dollar symbols ($$), etc.
    Example: **GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE EXTRA $$$$!!!!**