FNF Green

The Green Transactions & Strategies Program (GTSP) is a national corporate program managed by Michele Skupic, Vice President, FNF Sustainable Strategies Director, and Pablo Wong, Senior Vice President for Market Development, and supported by the national Green Advisory Team, comprised of representatives from title insurance operations and other corporate divisions, such as national escrow operations and information technology.

 In addition to Michele Skupic and Pablo Wong, Green Advisory Team members are Gayle Brand, Chicago Title Houston Division Vice President; Beth Ann Gambardella, Fidelity National Title, San Mateo County Division President and County Manager; Steve Murnin, Fidelity National Financial Integrated Solutions; Jeff Howell, Vice President/Associate Counsel; Sherri Nolan, Regional Marketing Vice President; and Diana Williams, Fidelity National Title Group National Escrow Administration.

 Our GTSP is more than saving paper during the escrow or settlement of a real estate transaction; we are about creating green title policy products and about educating our colleagues and the public about sustainable living practices at home and at work. For more information, please contact Michele at MSkupic@fnf.com or Pablo at Pablo.wong@fnf.com.